LG AUDIO "Make Life G_" Integrated Campaign

As head of creative strategy for our advertising class' conceptual agency, I was responsible for the copywriting, marketing strategy, and creative execution of our LG Audio "We Make the Moment" print and social media campaign.

01 — Print Ads

The print ads were designed to relate the brand to more of a hip, social, and youthful market, as compared to its usual family demographic, while still maintaining the previously established relationships with older generations. Simple and clean graphics superimposed on images of models using LG Audio products aim to form a cohesive and lively campaign and give the brand a distinctive personality.

02 — Brand Activation & Social Media

The play on LG's "Life's good" slogan used throughout the campaign allows LG to consider celebrity collaborations, continue releasing fresh graphics, keep up with cultural trends, and highlight holidays that work with the campaign's catchline.